Breaking Down the Breaking Bad Barrel

The Breaking Bad: Complete Series blu-rays were released last week, and arrived on my doorstep in a barrel. Seriously. As a hardcore fan, I spent the rest of the week watching the extended cuts, special features and alternate endings. It’s incredible. Without giving too much away, I’ve provided some photos of my favorite parts of the barrel.

Breaking Bad Documentary

1.) The Breaking Bad Documentary

This is the 2-hour documentary, which provides a detailed look inside the series. The GPS coordinates of course, represent one of the most important locations of the series. It was worth buying the entire series, and if you’re a softie–it’s sure to leave  you misty eyed as you watch each cast member shoot their final scene.





Breaking Bad Barrel Side View

2.) The Blu-ray Presentation

This is a photo of how the blu-rays are presented within the barrel. Each case has a symbolic graphic etched into it. My favorite displays the pink bear, which had a recurring appearance throughout the series.







3.) The Breaking Bad Challenge Coin

The absolute best part of this box set (besides the actual show in blu-ray format) is the challenge coin. It can be found in the top of the barrel, resting over a paper-illusion of Walter’s riches. The challenge coin, according to Vince Gilligan, is a military tradition. This coin is heavy, features the infamous cartoon Heisenberg, and reads “Yo soy el peligro.” (I am the danger.)

Overall, I’d say this is the ultimate gift for a huge Breaking Bad fan. If you’re interested in purchasing one yourself, they’re available now on Amazon.


What’s next?

Stressed about what to watch now that Breaking Bad’s over? Here’s a list of shows that may be able to fill the new crater-size void in your life. If you’re tired of the nail biting anxiety that accompanies a serious drama, have no fear. Netflix updated its library on October 1st, adding the final seasons of 30 Rock & The Office, both NBC treasures. I’d recommend binge watching either of these series (30 Rock first), for a pick-me-up that just may help remedy the Breaking Bad blues.

Here’s a clip from 30 Rock’s final season, available now on Netflix, featuring Bryan Cranston in a much lighter role.