New AMC series gets first trailer

AMC is a great network. It hosts two of my favorites–Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and constantly shatters ratings with its most popular show, The Walking Dead (which I have mixed emotions about).

Earlier in the year it was announced AMC had picked up two new series for Spring 2014. One, titled Halt & Catch Fire,  is a drama set in the 1980s during the computer technology boom. The second series is titled Turn.

Turn focuses on America’s first spy ring, and looks action packed–almost resembling a miniseries. Check out the first trailer, and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “New AMC series gets first trailer

  1. I’m curious about your mixed emotions about The Walking Dead, I’m a huge fan but I’m also a literature major and appreciate the writing, character development, etc.

    Also – and I’ve actually been meaning to ask you this for a while – I read an article about big screen actors making the transition to television (i.e. Kevin Bacon, Robin Williams, Karl Urban, Andy Samberg, etc). Any thoughts on why?

    • Re: The Walking Dead- I also have an appreciation for writing (minor in literature), but they lost me in the middle of the second season and the showrunner swap-outs they’ve dealt with has made it hard for me to keep up with. That being said, I have been tuning in to the latest season and think it has made huge strides as a show.

      I think the reason big screen actors are making the transition is because of the popular belief that TV is experiencing its next “Golden Age,” and everybody wants to be a part of it. At least that’s what I’d guess. I love going to movies, but I’d have to agree that there’s definitely an increasing amount of quality content making its way to the small screen.

      • I appreciate the points you made about TWD’s second season. I completely agree that that was a loooong haul getting through it.

        Thanks for getting back and answering those questions!!

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