An app to avoid spoilers

originalWhen you’re not caught up on a good TV show, it seems like spoilers are everywhere. When I was in the middle of a Mad Men binge a few years ago, I had to unfollow and unlike their social media accounts just to avoid them.

With internet and television going hand and hand these days, it’s getting more difficult to avoid spoilers, especially with the most recent trend of live-tweeting. 

Live-tweeting is not only common, but it’s encouraged by many networks, especially with the Nielsen boosts that accompany high volumes of internet traffic about specific shows.

For those of us living in fear of the spoiler, there’s a handy app called Spoiler Shield, which allows you to keep your newsfeed and Twitter timeline spoiler-free. This app has built-in shields designed to specifically prevent you from reading unwanted spoilers of shows you’re watching. Technology is the best.


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