The Real World reaches an all time low


After 28 seasons of ugly crying, drunken fights and overall trashiness, the Real World is changing its premise in a big way.

The 29th season of the Real World will start as it always has, with seven strangers living together in a gigantic house,  thrown into crazy social situations as chaos unfolds. And then, there’s a major twist.

After one month, the cast will leave their San Francisco home for a vacation,  to a house full of new roommates–all former lovers of each cast member. The second half of the season focuses on the cast living among their exes, with all the drama of the original Real World. The show is being renamed to “EXplosion.” (Ugh)

I had to check multiple sources to make sure this wasn’t something created by the Onion, because WTF. Reality shows have officially reached the bottom.


One thought on “The Real World reaches an all time low

  1. Good looking out I understand your frustrations about the plot of the show. But honestly It sounds super entertaining. I can’t wait to tune in and see how everything unfolds. If the show is entirely dumb and a waste of time I’ll say to myself grayjbrand knows her gaga. Good blog post.

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