Congratulations, Ted Mosby!


Finally something has happened on the latest season of How I Met Your Mother.

After almost eight and a half seasons of waiting, we’ve finally witnessed a meaningful scene featuring Ted Mosby and his future wife, ‘the mother.’

And it was great. Though we have yet to see the two actually meet, HIMYM  finally revealed another significant moment in this drawn out love story–Ted’s proposal.

The scene was cute (I love a good proposal), but it seemed to me their on screen chemistry was a little off. Maybe my critique comes from high expectations after years and years of waiting for Ted’s perfect woman.

Although this was an awesome moment in the show (with a beautiful Otis Redding touch), I doubt I’ll tune in to the second half of the season, simply because of how much the first half has been dragging.

I do look forward to learning how the series ends, but fear some internet theories I’ve read may be right about the ultimate fate of Ted’s future wife.

If it ends up being true I’ll probably read about it first, then put off watching the finale for quite some time. Let’s hope not.

One thought on “Congratulations, Ted Mosby!

  1. Even though I liked this episode a lot. I feel that the writers rushed through the part where Ted proposes to the mother.

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