Sherlock’s (finally) back

FINALLY. Nearly 2 years after the BBC miniseries left us hanging in its season 2 finale, PBS has confirmed Sherlock will return on January 19.

For those of you who don’t watch, be thankful you weren’t left with the agonizing pain of waiting 2 years for an explanation. You still have time to catch up before January, as the entire series is available for streaming on Netflix.

Below is the incredibly vague yet beautiful teaser for season 3. I.can’t.wait.


4 thoughts on “Sherlock’s (finally) back

  1. You know, I have heard so many good things about this series, but I have never taken the time to watch it. Some of my friends are really into it and have spent the past two years making jokes and, most recently, talking about how even Harry Potter came back before Sherlock. I’m thinking about catching up on the past two seasons before the third is released. Would you recommend it?

  2. I’ll admit, I’m one of these fans. I’m so excited for this! Have you ever checked out some of the crazy fans on Tumblr? Some of the fan stuff is so funny.

  3. I haven’t but now I will! January 19th can’t come soon enough!

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