Modern Family’s still a hit


I used to worry about Modern Family. The first three seasons were almost too perfect, and despite my feelings on their fourth season, they have swept the Emmys every year, winning the award for Best Comedy Series four times in a row.

Modern Family is a feel good show. It speaks to a wide audience and has a consistency that’s hard to find on TV. It’s also not afraid to test the waters and tackle relevant social issues, even those that may be considered taboo.

I worried the show was getting old; that its run was over. Despite my fears, I caught up with the latest season on Hulu recently, and realized I had nothing to worry about.

The most recent episode had the internet buzzing, as fans took to Twitter, calling out Modern Family writers for pulling a storyline straight from an episode of Seinfeld. As a fan of both shows and someone who considers themselves well versed in Seinlanguage, I’d say the similarities between the shows are more of a coincidence than blatant copying.

For the people getting worked up over the ordeal, don’t. Both shows revolve around characters with average lives, running into hilarious problems. If their intention was to mimic Seinfeld, awesome. The storyline worked in both shows and made for an entertaining 22-minutes of television.

Both are great examples of near-perfect comedies in TV history. Enjoy them and let the stories play out.

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