Kerry Washington will host SNL


I remember Kenan Thompson discussing the lack of diversity among the cast of SNL like it was yesterday. Maybe because it was. 

Cut to this afternoon, when SNL announced its next group of hosts. On November 2nd, “Scandal” star Kerry Washington will be hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Eminem.

The Atlantic Wire notes the importance of Washington’s appearance on SNL, discussing the shows need for self-evaluation and diversity. Recently, SNL added 6 new members to the cast for its 39th season, five men & one woman, all of whom are white.

I don’t think they necessarily chose her to make a statement, Washington is an incredibly popular actress–especially with her success on Scandal–but it will be nice to see some diversity.

Regardless of the controversy, I always tune in to Saturday Night Live and look forward to seeing Kerry Washington make her hosting debut. I fully expect her to steal the show, especially considering the year she’s already having.

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