Goodbye, NBC Thursdays


Gone are the days when Thursday nights on NBC means the best comedy line up on television. With the loss of 30 Rock & The Office, and another “prove yourself” season of Community being held until Spring, NBC Thursdays aren’t what they used to be. 

It’s unfortunate, but even in the middle of the “glory days” I knew the sweetness of a 2 hour block of pure comedy wouldn’t last forever.

While us NBC faithfuls were mourning the comedies ending last spring, Fox was grooming its newer shows  to come back with sophomore seasons to replace what NBC lost. Now, it’s apparent that comedy in television didn’t disappear, it’s just happening on a different network. 

With both The Mindy Project and New Girl doing well on Fox, Fox Tuesdays have the potential to create what NBC has lost. Not to mention the ratings boosts they’ve received from their newest pilots (I’ll pass.) You can put Andy Samberg, Mindy Kaling and James Franco all on the same network, but I won’t be completely satisfied until Tina Fey is back on TV.

One thought on “Goodbye, NBC Thursdays

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